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Benefits Of Having Heat-Shrink FEP Tubing Customized By A Manufacturer

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If you have operations that require heat-shrink FEP tubing, then you should consider having these tubing materials customized by a manufacturer. This relationship can pay off in several ways.

Specify a Particular Color

When you work with a manufacturer that customizes heat-shrink FEP tubing, you have many color options to choose from. Whereas if you just ordered whatever tubing was on the market, you'll be limited with this spec choice. 

You may have operations that require a specific tubing color, whether it's because you need to make this tubing easy to identify or there are coding regulations you need to comply with. All you need to do is specify what color you're looking for out of this heat-shrink tubing and your manufacturer can make sure your order comes out perfect.

Get Optimal Dimensions and Avoid Future Adjustments 

If you want to start using heat-shrink FEP tubing right away for a project, then going the custom route may be necessary because then your tubing manufacturer can provide optimal dimensions at the end. That saves you from having to make adjustments like cutting this material yourself.

The tubing manufacturer will just need to hear from you what dimensions are needed. Think about an optimal diameter and length for this tubing so that your manufacturer can make sure this spec comes out how you envision it should. Then you can start using these tubes right away, whether it's for chemical transportation or moving other important fluids.

Refine the Heat-Shrink Ratio

Heat-shrink FEP tubing is unique in that it will shrink upon contact with heat. If you have unique operations and thus need a unique heat-shrink ratio, then it's best to work with a manufacturer that can customize how this tubing is made and put together.

Then you won't have to just choose from a standard set of heat-shrink ratios. You'll get to decide this spec exactly as you see fit. You'll just need to see how this tubing is being used in a project and then you can choose the right heat-shrink ratio that makes this tubing material easy to work with.

Heat-shrink FEP tubing is used by a lot of companies because it's easy to work with and quite durable. You'll get even more amazing properties out of this special tubing if you find a manufacturer that can customize it. Then you'll be able to refine key attributes and subsequently get better performance when it's eventually used. 

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