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Working on a Construction Site in a Rainy Area? 2 Types of Water Pumps You Should Install

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If you work on a construction site and this site is in a rainy area you need to be prepared. A water pump can help you as this is devised to remove water accumulation that comes from heavy rains, as well as anywhere else. The pump moves the excess water so you will not have to stop working on your construction site. There are different types of water pumps available, two of which are listed below. 

1. Centrifugal Water Pump

One type of water pump you can choose is a centrifugal water pump. This type has a rotating impeller that is always immersed in water. As the water goes into the water pump the rotating impeller causes the water to rotate also. Pressure and kinetic energy cause the water to rise as it rotates out of the pump. The water goes into a discharge nozzle that exits the area. There are also standard centrifugal pumps that are not submersed in water.

What you choose will depend on your personal situation. If you choose a centrifugal water pump, you must prime the pump before use. With some centrifugal water pumps, you may have to use the recirculating liquid to prevent the pump from overheating. 

2. Positive Displacement Water Pump

Another type of water pump is a positive displacement water pump. This type delivers a fixed amount of water through the pump and expands the water from a flexible diaphragm. Positive displacement pumps can handle a high volume of water and other liquids. You will also hear positive displacement water pumps referred to as rotary pumps. This pump works well because air is removed from the lines while the pump is working. This means you will not have to bleed air from the lines. 

One thing to consider with this type of water pump is you will need enough room to place the pump and the outer edge of the housing. If you do not allow enough space the pump will not rotate as quickly and the water will not be dispelled from the pump as quickly, either. 


There are many considerations that you should consider before getting a water pump. First, determine what the horsepower is so you know how long the pump can run at one time. You should also determine the flow rate. Once you've done your homework, you have the option to choose between manual, hydraulic, diesel, gas, and electric. Determine what the discharge head is, which is the maximum power the pump can discharge. This will ensure the pump will work for the application you intend to use it for. 

Talk to water pump installation companies if you need more information before making a purchase.