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The Benefits Of Using Plastic Marine Fasteners

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Traditionally, marine fasteners, or the screws, bolts, and nuts that are used on watercraft such as boats and jet skis, have been made from a specific type of stainless steel that was manufactured specifically to drastically reduce corrosive properties in the metal. However, more recently, marine fasteners made using a combination of plastic mixed with nylon have been gaining in popularity. If you are a marine craft manufacturing company or you are simply looking to make repairs to your boat, you may be wondering what the benefits are to using plastic marine fasteners. Here are a few of those benefits. 

Plastic Never Corrodes or Rusts

One of the major benefits associated with using plastic marine fasteners is that the plastic never corrodes or rusts. Most marine fasteners are made from different types of metal, which can corrode or rust while they are exposed to water or salty sea air. They need to be cared for, cleaned and a metal sealing product needs to be used often to prevent rust and corrosion. Plastic never corrodes or rusts, which makes it a great option for those who never want to have to worry about this problem and don't have the time to constantly care for the screws, bolts, and fasteners on their watercraft. 

Plastic Marine Fasteners Can Be Reinforced with Metal

Another benefit associated with plastic marine fasteners is that they can be reinforced with metal. The metal strip can be placed in the center of the plastic, so that it is completely coated and covered, protecting it against rust. Reinforcing plastic helps to make it stronger and more durable, giving it a similar strength to traditional metal fasteners. 

Plastic Marine Fasteners Are Designed to Resist UV Ray Damage

The final benefit associated with plastic marine fasteners is that the marine fasteners are designed to resist UV ray damage. Traditionally, plastic and metal both can weaken due to sun exposure. There is no way to prevent metal from weakening due to UV ray damage at this time, but plastic can be manufactured with additives that help it to resist UV ray damage, keeping it from weakening as it spends time in the sun. 

If you are in the market for marine fasteners, selecting new plastic marine fasteners may be a great option for your watercraft. Plastic never corrodes or rusts, the fasteners can be reinforced with metal to make them stronger and more durable, and they are specifically designed to resist damage typically caused to plastic by UV rays. Contact a marine fastener supplier to learn more about plastic fasteners and placing an order for yours.