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3 Reasons To Install A Gooseneck Service Body On Your Work Truck

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Trucks are versatile vehicles that are used by many different types of businesses. Finding a work truck that will accommodate all of your needs can be challenging. You may find that swapping out the manufacturer body for a gooseneck service body gives you the most versatility and function.

Consider these compelling reasons to invest in a new service body featuring a gooseneck hitch for your work truck.

1. Towing Capacity

A gooseneck hitch gives you maximum versatility when it comes to towing. You can equip your truck with both a bumper hitch and a gooseneck hitch when installing a new service body. This ensures that you will be able to tow any type of trailer you come across during the course of your work day.

The towing capacity of a gooseneck service body can also be greater than the towing capacity of a manufacturer body, allowing you to haul heavier loads and reduce travel time. This will increase your productivity and allow you to become more profitable over time.

2. Lightweight Design

Many of the gooseneck service bodies available on the market today are constructed from military grade aluminum. This type of aluminum provides maximum strength while keeping weight to a minimum. A lighter truck body will allow your work truck to get better gas mileage, which will reduce overhead spending.

Aluminum is also an extremely durable material. Aluminum's ability to withstand corrosion means that your new service body will remain structurally stable well into the future. If you need to reduce the weight of your work vehicle without compromising function and stability, then an aluminum service body is the right option.

3. Storage Space

Some drivers hesitate to swap out the manufacturer body on their work truck for a gooseneck model because they fear they will lose storage space. Specialized truck bodies that feature both a gooseneck hitch and storage lockers can be installed to help preserve the function of your work vehicle.

The incorporation of storage space into a gooseneck service body will give your work truck greater versatility when it comes to completing work-related tasks each day.

The design of your truck can have a direct impact on your workday. You are not limited to the body that came from the manufacturer. You can install a new service body that is better equipped to meet your needs. Consider a gooseneck service body made from aluminum to maximize efficiency and function in the future.

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