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The Importance Of Media Agars In Pharmaceutical Developments: A Guide For Research Students

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Choosing to become a lab researcher is an exciting path. There are so many different lab employment opportunities in this country. Many of those opportunities are in the R&D labs of pharmaceutical companies. You could be helping one of these companies develop a cure for a specific cancer or unlock the riddle of autism. Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to work, you must first familiarize yourself with lab equipment, like SampleReady soluble media patches and various media agars. Here is a guide that explains the importance of media agars in pharmaceutical research. 

Liquid-Soluble Patches Allow You to Do Quick Tests

Say that you wanted to quickly develop a bacteria for researching a possible medication. A liquid-soluble medium is a good option because then you do not have to dehydrate your bacteria to apply them to the agar. These patches are dried agar material of various natural sources adhered to a backing that will not leak or spill. If your bacteria is a little watery or runny, that is okay; the patches will absorb the liquid and quickly contain the bacteria to the patch square. Within a matter of minutes to hours (depending on the bacteria you are attempting to rapid-grow), the patches have the samples you need to work within the lab to test the medicine. 

Blood Agars

There are diseases that simply will not grow in any agar media that is not blood. These diseases are most often the worst and most difficult to treat. A blood agar is a mix of animal blood (often pig or cow, which approximates human blood the best) and a set material, such as gelatin. The minute the blood disease bacteria hit this agar, they begin a rampage unlike any other. If you want to slow down the process while you develop enough of a sample of the medication to test on the blood disease in the blood agar, refrigerate it at the appropriate temperature. 

All Kinds of Agars Are Needed for All Kinds of Disease Growth, Bacterial Growth, and Testing

Pharmaceutical companies would be absolutely lost if they could not test the products they are developing. Since the FDA strictly forbids testing on humans until a product is nearly complete in its development, your media agars are all you have. Choose the most apropos agar for the work you have been instructed to do, and the results will be better than you expected.