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What Engineers Do When You Employ Them For Projects

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Many people are unfamiliar with the types of tasks that engineers do. In fact, many people don't know that there are many different jobs within the engineering field. If you are going to employ engineers to complete a project, you should know a little more about the vast and varied world of engineering services. 

They Design

Mechanical, structural, electrical, and civil engineers spend most of their days designing things. They work on computers using CAD (computer-assisted design) software to create something a client wants. In the case of civil engineers, they are designing where all of the roads, gas lines, electrical lines, and sewer lines go in and around a city. Electrical engineers design electrical installation and layout plans for buildings. Structural engineers design plans for products that have three-dimensional structure and require specifics for structural integrity. Finally, mechanical engineers are like the modern "steampunks" of the engineering world; they design all mechanical things that move. 

They Hypothesize and Test

There is a ton of math involved in engineering, and for good reason. This math is to test the hypotheses that engineers have about how well project designs will work. If the math works, the project should be successful. If the math does not work, the project will fail. Engineers spend a lot of time hypothesizing how a project will work if "A, B, and C" are correct. They do this to ensure that your design and schematics are going to be successful when your project is fully constructed, built, and/or launched. 

They Build Models

Some engineers will construct working models of the project. They want to show you what it will look like complete and how it will work. Since the arrival of 3D printers, it has become even more popular than ever to build working models of projects to show to clients. Your engineer (or engineers) may construct a model or a 3D printer model to show you at some point.

They Work at It to Get It Perfect

Finally, you should know that engineers are perfectionists. They are not happy with their work when something does not work right, or this little bit of math does not come out as expected. They may work and rework a project to near death to make sure it is exactly what you want or as close as they can possibly get it. 

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