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Tips For Your Boiler Room

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When it comes to keeping everyone in your building safe, you have a lot of responsibilities. You will have to keep the work environment clean and sanitary, you have to make sure there are no hazardous areas, you have to do regular checks of the building to specifically look for problem areas, and you have to have any issues taken care of immediately. One area of concern you want to pay close attention to is the boiler room. The information here is going to serve as a short guide on some of the things you want to do to ensure your boiler room doesn't become a safety issue.

The importance of boiler room maintenance

You want to fully understand that any type of malfunction or accident in the boiler room can create a dangerous situation that puts everyone in the vicinity at risk. This means you have to stay on top of the boiler room to the point of paying attention to even the smallest of details and making sure nothing is overlooked.

The boiler room should serve one purpose

You need to have a clear understanding that the boiler room is just a boiler room. It is not a place for you to store other items, such as cleaning supplies or boxes of printing paper or anything else that you need to store. You want to find somewhere else to put these items and make sure you inform all of your employees to not put anything in the boiler room. In fact, placing a clear sign on the outside of the door is a great idea.

The reason why it's important to leave the boiler room empty is that the burners require the proper amount of circulation in order to prevent carbon monoxide from being produced. Also, when you get in the habit of shoving stuff in the boiler room, it can be easy to accidentally stick something flammable in there, which would be very bad.

Staff should have emergency training

You and any of your employees who ever enter the boiler room should be properly trained on how to spot potentially dangerous problems and what to do if there is an emergency situation. While you will, of course, hope that there will never be a dangerous situation with your boiler, you still want to stay proactive with regards to proper training, just in case something should happen.

Stay on top of maintenance

You want to keep a record of everything that occurs with regards to the boiler room. Any time the boiler room is checked, a part is professionally replaced, or anything else at all happens that revolves around the boiler room, it needs to be recorded. This can help pinpoint when a problem may have been happening and help figure out what went wrong. Have a professional inspect the boiler on a routine basis to ensure everything is looking good. Once again, the maintenance visit should also be written down.

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