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How To Make Sure Your Irrigation System Is Ready For Crop Season

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Now that it's time to take your irrigation system out of storage for the new planting season, make sure it's ready for use. The last thing you want is to discover issues with your irrigation system after you have your crops in the soil. You need to know that your irrigation system is ready to go soon as your crops are planted. The best way to do that is to conduct a thorough inspection of your irrigation system. Here are three areas you need to inspect before you use your irrigation system this year.

Center Pivot System

When it comes to inspecting your irrigation system, you need to start with the center pivot system. If your center pivot system is defective, you're going to have serious problems once your crops are in the soil. The first thing you need to do is listen to the center pivot system. You'll want to listen for grinding sounds that might come from the bearings or gearbox. You'll also want to check for signs of leaks, especially around the gearbox. If you detect problems with the center pivot system, take care of the repairs right away.

Traveler Drive System

The traveler drive system is another area of concern during crop season. Problems with the traveler drive system can interfere with proper irrigation of your crops. The two main issues you should focus on are the beginning and end of each irrigation cycle, especially where the hoses are concerned. Send your irrigation system through a trial run and pay attention to the hard hose and soft hose. Take note of any unusual sounds you might hear, including water knocks or high-pitched squeals. These could be signs that your traveler system is in need of immediate repairs.

Distribution System

Once you've inspected the center pivot and traveler drive systems, you'll need to inspect the distribution system. This will require you to walk the field while the irrigation system is in full operation. Walking the field while the irrigation system is functioning will allow you to identify leaks in pipes and hoses, broken irrigation fittings, and areas that are receiving either too much or too little water. Any issues you find should be repaired as soon as possible.

Don't take chances with your crops this year. Now that planting season is fast approaching, make sure that you're able to get water to your crops. The tips provided here will help you identify problems with your irrigation system. For more information, check out a website like