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The Incredible Shrinking....Amazing Products That Shrink To Fit And Amaze

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No matter who you are, it probably is amazing to see things shrink in size right before your eyes. It is akin to putting that massive steak or juicy beef patty on the grill and then watching it come off the grill one half to one third less the size it was before cooking it. You cannot believe anything shrunk that much, but there it is. 

Likewise, there are other products that will shrink when used correctly. You may have even used a couple of these products yourself, either when at home or at work. Examples of these shrinking products are as follows.


You are probably laughing now, but this kids' craft toy was made from an industrial product when the manufacturer realized its potential to create incredible shrinking figurines that kids could color, bake, and watch shrink up in the oven. Not surprisingly, the product has recently returned to retail shelves with a vengeance, and kids are having just as much fun watching things shrink now as they did back when you were a kid. Rolls of this kind of plastic have other uses in manufacturing, but for the purpose of a kids' craft set, it is stamped with the outlines of beloved cartoon or comic book characters. 

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is frequently used in manufacturer settings to hold products together and keep them from being damaged during the shipping process. Shrink wrap is also used to hold several loose boxes of goods on a pallet, and hold and wrap insulation shipping materials close to potentially fragile items. To get shrink wrap to shrink, all you have to do is wind the wrap around the item or pallet of goods and then use a hot air dryer all around to activate the shrink wrap's shrinking ability. 

FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

FEP heat shrink tubing is designed to shrink around electrical wires to insulate and protect the wires from moisture and damage. While it is definitely effective, it requires a lot more heat than most hot hair dryers. A mini-welding torch or heat crimpers that heat up rapidly to several hundred degrees is often used to get these bits of tubing to shrink around what is channeled through them. The tubing may be used for other applications — not just electrical — but you will have to consult the informational pamphlet to see how well this incredible shrinking product works elsewhere.