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Seven Common Uses Of Aluminum

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Due to its many versatile characteristics, aluminum has a multitude of uses. Many household items, vehicles, buildings, electronics, and more contain aluminum. It is abundantly available, due to it making up about eight percent of Earth's crust. There is more aluminum on Earth than any other metal. This availability has led to its cost being quite low, although the extraction process to get pure aluminum is still rather expensive.

Aluminum alloys are made by combining aluminum with other elements in order to change its structure and add to its potential uses. When alloyed properly, it can have the strength of steel.

Aluminum brazing involves connecting two aluminum pieces together without the hassles of traditional welding. The process is easy for beginners and creates a strong connection between the two pieces being connected.

1. Packaging

Aluminum is great for packaging because it creates a barrier that liquid, light, and gases can't penetrate. Therefore, it can be used for packaging food, beverages, medicines, or anything else that requires this type of barrier. When creating your own packaging options with aluminum, the brazing technique is a great way to make air-tight seals.   

2. Temperature-Related Items

Due to its high thermal conductivity, aluminum is used when making products that have temperature-related features. Fridges, heating systems, air conditioners, and many other home appliances are often made using aluminum. You can even use brazing to make your own creations that are related to temperature control. 

3. Protecting Electronics

Electromagnetic pulse protection is important for keeping electronic devices safe. If they are exposed to electromagnetic pulses, they can potentially be destroyed. Because aluminum isn't magnetic, it can be used to protect electronics that are sensitive to magnetism. Typically, these products are encased in some sort of aluminum-made casing or shell. Some people have used aluminum brazing to make electronic holding boxes to protect their electronics from magnetic forces.  

4. Construction and Building

Aluminum is commonly used in construction and building. It is a popular material for these uses because it's so resistant to corrosion. It is also a very environmentally-friendly building material due to the fact that it is highly recyclable. When builders need to connect aluminum with other aluminum pieces, brazing is the best method for them to use, due to it being easy to do yet highly effective.  

5. Home Projects

Aluminum is a great metal to build things with at home, due to how easy it is to do aluminum brazing. With a few tools and a torch, you can use aluminum brazing and be on your way to creating some great aluminum-based pieces. If you need help, contact a provider of this service today to learn more.